Monday, May 20, 2013

Better Than Your Average Monday!

I had so much to write about with the Cleveland Asian Fest yesterday that I forgot to post about the awesome protein bars I made - Jessica's Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Bars!  I found the recipe on Pinterest and (of course) tweaked it!  I took the recipe from Fitness and Spice's Bake and Take Pumpkin Protein Bars.  My recipe was pretty similar.  Check it out!

Step 1: Take a whole large can of pumpkin - it ended up being about 3.5 cups of pumpkin - and 6 eggs

Step 2: Add 3.5 cups protein powder - I like my RAW Protein powder in chocolate

Step 3: I drizzled a lot of honey, 2 tsp of cinnamon, 2 tsp of baking soda, 2 tsp of ground cloves, and about a half cup of Splenda (I do not prefer Splenda, but of course I did not look ahead so that is what I had to use)

Step 4:  Spread the batter in an 8x8 pan and the rest in and 8x13 pan.  I baked each pan for about 30-35 minutes.

These bars are delicious!  They are full of protein and fiber and are not too sweet.  My Pumpkin Protein Bars are perfect for my taste buds.  I like to heat them up when I eat one and I keep the rest in the freezer to keep them lasting.  I will probably use Stevia next time and make sure I have a larger bear of honey - I lost about a fourth of my bear to these bars :( I do not regret making them though!

Now, I usually am not a huge fan of Mondays - the first day back to work after a too-short weekend is never my favorite day.  Today was an exception, I went to work late because I went to visit my 38 kiddos at the elementary school I student taught at during my final semester in Fall 2012.  I picked up my friend and student-teaching buddy, Britt, on the way to the school.  Britt was in a lot of my college classes and student taught down the hall from me - we have become really good friends and I am going to be in her wedding this June (I cannot wait to share her big day)!  I was with my kids until about 10:00AM, then I went to work.

I had Wasabi for lunch today!  Love it!  Ash - my Pilates partner - came with and we were able to sit in the bar area for some girl time - a great getaway from work!  Ashley ordered the veggie roll with avocado, carrots, and cucumber and I had her order the Seaweed Salad - she didn't think she would like it and (of course) she loved it!  If I go to a restaurant with you and suggest something, it is definitely not because it is gross ;) I ordered the Shrimp Bento Box which came with 6 pieces of shrimp, 4 pieces of the California roll, seaweed salad, and the side salad with the delicious ginger dressing.  We also were able to have a Menchies run and they still had the no-sugar strawberry banana - so I filled my cup about a fourth of the way with the nsa flavor, added my usual berries, and i decided to add some toasted almond pieces and some shaved coconut - AMAZING!!  I feel like an artist with my frozen yogurt creations ;)

My delicious Bento Box!  Perfectly portioned :)

After work I ate a Quest Bar - banana muffin - I liked it, but definitely prefer the chocolate brownie a lot more.  I had to eat the bar because I went to hike through Whipp's Ledges Loop Trail in Hinckley with CTM.  There are a lot of rocks to climb around and I pushed myself to climb over some boulders and rock ledges to get to the top - so scary!  We hiked to this tiny little stream, that I somehow remembered how to get to, so we could fill out water bottle with the purest and coldest water.  The water comes out of the ground under this humungous boulder.  The water tastes so crisp and fresh - I am going to take five bottles to fill next time!  We also found so toads living among the rocks - weird!

 Cooling off after conquering some huge boulders and completing my quest for the best water!

Rocky the toad - he almost got stepped on by my friend haha idk how he was seen!

I was a little tired after the adventure I had.  I came home and turned on gymnastics and then enjoyed Cheer Worlds.  I also ate one of My Pumpkin Protein Bars.  I really like those bars :)  Now I need to get my workout on - my sister found part of tonight's workout on Youtube - an ab workout routine to Beyonce's Run the World - this routine is awesome and the song makes it seem like workout is over super fast!  I will also be doing a squat and lunge sequence.  Can't wait!! 

Good night all!

Where do you hike?

Do you have any workout routines that go to music?

What would be in your perfect Bento Box?

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