Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cheap Happy Hour Eats!

If there's one thing I really like, it's a good deal.  Happy hours are one of my favorite deals - it usually means that I can go to an amazing restaurant and enjoy their delicious food without having to sell an arm AND a leg in the process ;)  I treated my mom and sister, Teasy, to a happy hour on Tuesday - Tuesday was an extension to my already five-day weekend :)  We headed the Eastside to stop at Nordstrom Rack for some shoe deals - I got a $15 yoga mat!  On our way home we stopped at Paladar for a bite to eat.

Now, I hope that everyone reading has been to Paladar -and if you have never been there before, like my mom and sister, then let me just tell you about what you're missing...  Paladar is a Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar.  The food is inspired by Central and South America, Cuba, and the Latin Caribbean.  Paladar uses bold flavors - some spice, but not too spicy ;) unless you like it that way!  The atmosphere is relaxed, yet lively...strange combination - but I love it!

Anyway, when we pulled up I saw the Happy Hour sign!! How could I have forgotten that their happy hour is from 4-7PM?!  Perfect timing, because I believe we got there a little after 4:00PM and we were famished.  The Happy Hour at Paladar is from 4-7PM daily, with $5 Latin Street Food and $5 Drinks: mojitos, margaritas, sangria, select wine by the glass, and select Latin beer is $3.  Paladar also has a happy hour from 9-11PM, Sun-Thurs - the Cleveland location only has $5 Latin Street Food for the late night happy hour, no drink specials - Annapolis, MD. and Hallandale Beach, FL. do not specify what is served at which, so my guess would be both food and drink deals are available during early and late night happy hour - lucky!

So, we have $5 Latin Street Food - which just so happens to be one of my favorite types of food :) yay!  We started with an order of the guac - chef's special with roasted corn and red peppers - and housemade chips - baked plantains and tortilla chips.  We also ordered the black bean hummus plate - I just love hummus, the portobello and queso blanco empanadas, and the chorizo and cheese pupusa.  And how much was everything?  I am so glad you asked...$20 - for everything!  Best day of my life ;)  Please keep in mind that even though this sounds like a ton of food - and it is, for one person! - I did share everything with my mom and sister - so there is great portion control and self control ;)  And we ALL ate for $20!!

The guacamole is so fresh and the addition of the roasted corn and red peppers was a perfect touch. 

 The black bean hummus plate was served with fresh carrots, celery, cucumber, tortillas, and jicama.  The hummus had a nice flavor and was topped with fresh tomatoes.  

The empanadas were stuffed with portobellos and had just a touch of queso blanco - which is a nice change from restaurants usually covering the whole flavor with too much cheese!  The empanadas were topped with pico de gallo and drizzled with pasilla pepper aioli - mmmm!  

The pupusa had a griddled corn cake stuffed with chorizo and cheese with a spicy tomato sauce and fresh herbs - a perfect combination.  

I loved everything we ordered and cannot wait to try the seven other happy hour apps ;)  I would highly recommend getting to your nearest Paladar for happy hour - or really any hour - just go!  The lunch and dinner menu is just as fantastic and I can't wait to try their brunch menu, as well.  And if there is not a Paladar near you - seeing as there are only six locations: Cleveland, Annapolis, MD., Rockville, MD., Hallandale Beach, FL., Gaithersburg, MD., and Tysons Corner, VA. - maybe plan a trip around visiting one of the Paladar locations ;)  Eating amazing food is a big part of my vacation planning...I am always reading reviews of restaurants wherever I am going ;)

Hope you get to a Paladar soon :)

Have a wonderful night - I am going to get my Zumba on!

What is your favorite happy hour?

Have you ever been to Paladar?

What is your favorite type of food?

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