Monday, May 13, 2013

First Long Day Of Many To Come This Week...

Wow!! Today has been a super long day - full of work and my first cheer clinic!! I woke up after having my first eight hour night since...well...I really don't remember, so it was well-earned and well overdue!  I really did benefit from it and am hoping I can get the same tonight (fingers crossed)!  

I work at a mortgage company and sit at a desk the entire day, so I try to get moving in the morning.  This morning was a little difficult because I had to leave the house earlier than usual, so I just got a little stretching in before breakfast (like my own mini yoga session).  Work was freezing today!  I am not sure why the air was turned to basically below freezing because we do work and live in Cleveland and you never know what the weather will be outside - I think 49 degrees or lower today :(  Well, I was very happy any and every chance I had to leave the office...which was only three...but I still gladly accepted!  

I had lunch with my mom (she works with my at the mortgage company) at a new place by the office called Burger Fresh (right around the corner from Austin's Wood Fire Grille - which is the parent of Burger Fresh).  Anyway, it is basically what the name says...fresh burgers grilled when ordered and toppings either preselected from the Burgers with Names menu or designed by the orderee (an awesome word I just invented)!  The toppings range from ketchup and mustard to guacamole (my favorite) and red pepper salsa.  There is a black bean burger for the vegetarian option or a salmon burger for people who do not eat beef (my dad) but many not want the bean burger.  You can also order fries, a side salad, hot dogs, and malts and shakes.  I ordered the California Burger (vegetarian) and my mom ordered the Salmon Cali Burger.  Both the California Burger and the Salmon Cali Burger comes with guac, red pepper salsa, baby greens, and chipotle mayo.  All I have to say is I love Burger Fresh and the California Burger and I would highly recommend the place and my favorite burger!

California Burger (Vegetarian) - I ordered the chipotle mayo on the side because I only need a thin layer...not the big glob restaurants usually pile on!

Salmon Cali Burger - The same as toppings as the California Burger.  You can see my mom did not wait for me to take the picture...that's just how good these burgers are!

Now, obviously I had dessert waiting back at the office...hidden away in my desk - if you work with my and are reading this: STAY OUT OF MY DESK!! haha I will share if you ask ;)  UliMana Cacao Nib Truffles are hiding in my desk!  These truffles fit my standards: organic, raw, 6g of sugar (from all natural ingredients), and comes with an extreme chocolate taste!  This truffle was so scrumptious and very rich!  I am so happy I am discovering ways to fulfill my biggest weakness in a healthy way!  And I am pleased to share that there are many more flavors I will be taste testing soon...something I am happily willing to offer my taste-testing services for!

One of the best choices I have found for an organic chocolate!

For my afternoon snack I had a Greek Yogurt: Whole Foods brand 365 Everyday Value Greek Yogurt.  It is the plain yogurt with 18g of protein and only 2g of sugar - the sugar content is one of the stats I pay very close attention to.  I added some chopped up organic strawberries and some Dark Chocolate and Cranberry Clusters Kind granola.  It was so good - my boss even asked where his was (I didn't have any extras lol)!

 I love this Greek yogurt and I always add something healthy to help with the flavor!

 As you can see, I am almost done with this good!

I was hoping to leave at 5:00PM today but we didn't leave until 5:35PM - so sad.  I had to give in and eat dinner at my desk because I had to be up at my alma mater for the first day of cheer clinics by 6:40PM.  My dinner was good, just not what I wanted tonight.  I had a Nu Go Slim protein bar - Raspberry Truffle, my favorite!  It was 17g of protein and 2g of sugar.  It is all-natural and will suffice if I cannot have a real meal.

 ...and 7g of Fiber...I tore into my dinner before snapping a photo.  Opps!

More chocolate!  This bar is delicious!

I was definitely excited about the first night of cheer clinics and meeting all of my prospective JV cheerleaders.  So, imagine my joy when I found out that I would be the cheer representative attending the all-sports booster meeting....yeah, not super pumped.  I learned about our new officers and something with the IRS.  My brain hurt when I got back to the clinic...after more than an hour spent in that meeting.  So happy the next one isn't until August!  YES!

So now I am finally home and enjoying my favorite chocolate beverage: Almond Breeze Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Milk.  MMM...a chocolate milk mustache :)

I am not a huge fan of super-sweet anything...this beverage is perfect for something cool and chocolatey!

I will leave you with a look into my workout of the night...taken from my Pinterest page.  Pinned from Shape: The Bikini Bottom Workout - I have two more weeks to prepare my whole bikini body!  I need to prepare myself for my second day of work and second day of cheer clinics...and catching the Penguins-Senators game tomorrow evening - thankful for DVR - hopefully a Pens win!!

What do you eat on the run?

What time of the day do you fit in your workouts?

What are your favorite healthy snacks, beverages, or protein bars?

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