Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013


What an awesome day for my first post :)

This is on Mother's Day that I am really proud of.  My sister's and I were able to pull our resources together to get a gift that our mom would actually want and use constantly.  We bought her....wait for it...a VITAMIX!!!  Imagine her surprise!  This is one gift that I am super excited about because I still live with my parents, so I will get a lot of use with this gift! -I am a recent college grad in OH, so teaching jobs are hard to come by ;) - so I will get a lot of use with this gift!  The VITAMIX is like a blender on steroids.  The Vitamix can make the smoothest smoothies full of veggies and fruits in under a minute.  I can make soups with the Vitamix that are hot in six minutes!  I can make ice cream, dips, sauces...the list goes on!  Everything can be natural and organic - big plus since that is what I am TRYING to eat.  

Anyway, my mom was very happy about the Vitamix, we chose the CIA Creations: 48 oz container and a 32 oz dry grains container, three cookbooks, and a mini-tamper to help process thick foods.  At first, we thought, "WOW!  This is so expensive!", but many of my co-workers and friends who already own one said it is completely worth it.  I am excited to find out!!  The first recipes I will be trying are smoothies (with spinach-YIKES!!) and peanut butter!!  (I cannot eat jarred peanut butter - it really upsets my stomach - which is terrible because I love peanut butter!).  

We went to a special Mother's Day service at our church.  The mothers were each given a red rose and were given a special ice cream treat at the end of service.  My sister was excited because my mom did not want the treat!  (And I am helping my mom stay on track for her 30th anniversary cruise ;) my dad will be happy haha!)  After church we went to a special Mother's Day brunch at The Woods in Rocky River, not too far from church.  The spread was unbelievable - made-to-order omelets, Belgian waffles, a large fruit display (my favorite part!), a chocolate fountain, a carving station, pastas, and basically everything else you would need!  The food was fantastic!  I stayed away from the pastas, potatoes, and breakfast meats; I did give in to a fourth of a Belgian waffle - I have to treat myself every so often!  

We then ventured over to EarthFare, a healthy supermarket, for some grocery needs.  We bought a lot of fruits and veggies for our Vitamix (which are mostly local and organic), some almond milk, snack items for the work week, and chia seeds for my oatmeal.  (My oatmeal recipe will be posted in the upcoming week!)  

We arrived home to celebrate my youngest sister's 21st birthday with some margarita cupcakes I baked - yes, with a little tequila!  And my mom received the rest of her presents - the Love and Family Pandora charm and a mani-pedi gift certificate to LUV Manicures & Pedicures from my dad.  I entered My Wonderful Mother Mother's Day contest from Synergry Sports Massage and won my mom an hour massage, an hour cryotherapy session, and one fitness class.  

This has been a nice and laid-back Mother's Day which is exactly what my mom needed.  I am glad we enjoyed ourselves at the brunch buffet and with the mini margarita cupcakes, but it is back on track for my mother and I starting tomorrow (good thing we work together)!  

 My family (minus the working 21-year old)
 Enjoying the chocolate fountain!
 My sister, Ashley, enjoying her favorite part of brunch!
My favorite part of the brunch buffet!  How did they make those flowers??

Margarita Cupcakes (recipe from Brown Eyed Baker)

What did you do for Mother's Day?

Has anyone ever tried the Vitamix?  What did you make?

What do you do to get back on track after a day of indulgence?

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  1. I did the same thing as you on Mom's day! lol. I have also tried the same things as you in the Vitamix, yum!