Monday, May 27, 2013

Vacations Have To End Sometime..

Hi everyone!  Missed me and my updates?  Haha I hope so :)  I just need to say that it is not good to be back...because of the Cleveland weather, of course!!  We got off the plane and right away we were hit with a blast of cold air - good-bye 90 and sunny, hello freezing and rainy :(  Personally, I think this trip ended a little too soon and I am sure Shan and Sammi agree!

I was so excited when we landed because we went straight for some Mexican food - and obviously ordered guacamole!  Then, we went to Sammi's to meet our roommates and get ready for the beach.

Couldn't refrain from digging in - even during pictures :)

Meet Maddie and Clank - super cute!

Our first day on the beach - I didn't get a base tan before I left (because it's CLE) but I did bring a pretty good one home as a souvenir ;)

After the beach, we had to go home to take showers - I definitely forgot how sandy the beach can be!  Shan had booked us a sushi making class through Groupon!  So awesome!! We were there from 6:30-9:30.  The class began with soup and salad, and then the sushi making began!  It was a long class, but we learned a lot, made some fantastic sushi, and had tons of fun!

 Salad with my favorite citrus-ginger dressing!

 Sammi volunteering to demonstrate how to proper cut a shrimp for a sushi roll - had a few bumps ;)

 Being corrected by our chef - haha

 Shan's Caterpillar, Sammi's Mexican roll (bottom), and my Mexican roll (top) - I would say we are sushi pros :)
 Enjoying our wonderful sushi 

I would definitely recommend this class if you love sushi and/or really want to know how to make it at home!  It was not as hard as I thought, but can be time consuming if making your own sticky rice - luckily it was provided for us :)

On Friday, we took a barre class at Pure Barre - yes, we went on vacation and lined up some workouts!  The class was definitely challenging - like I expected - but I did not expect my shoulders to burn and my legs to be shaky...we think it (and hope) it was due to the fact that we had about eight hours of sleep in the two days leading up to the class!  

After class we grabbed some brunch at Daily Eats and it was definitely tasty and healthy!  I also had the best smoothie - from a smoothie stand - in my life!  The Fitness Bar in Fit2Run - an awesome running/workout gear store - only uses fresh fruits, vegetables, and nutropeps.  The Fitness Bar also sells sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas, and bowls.

Oatmeal with bananas, honey, walnuts, and a little bit of low-fat yogurt.  Delicious :)

 Berry Delight: blueberries, strawberries, boysenberries, raspberries, blackberries + shaved coconut - awesome combination!

We spent the rest of the day at the pool until it was time for Sammi's gig at The Blowfish Bar and Grill - Sammi is in a band called Phase 5 and I definitely recommend checking them out - not because she is my friend, but because she is an amazing singer and Phase 5 is an amazing band and you should decide for yourself!!  And definitely check out Sammi's page!

Saturday, we were up early for Shan and Sammi's 5k - I don't run and even though it was for a good cause - my first 5k will never be in humid, 90 degree weather - I am not even used to living in that kind of weather!  They ran in the Color Me Rad 5k with part of the proceeds going to the Special Olympics.  I hope to run my first 5k this fall - when it is a little cooler :)  I will keep you posted!

 Starting line
Finish line - what a difference! Haha I love color :)

After Shan and Sammi cleaned up a bit, we spent the evening in St. Pete's while Sammi and the rest of Phase 5 sang at a wedding.  We stopped in a few boutiques and some different eateries.  We had sushi at The Kitchen.  This sushi was delicious, but nothing will ever compare to the sushi we made ;) 

 Pacifico Roll - spicy tuna, krab, cucumber, gobo, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, scallions, tobiko, ponzu
Black Widow - soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo, sriracha, scallions, black tobiko

Sunday was a sad, sad day.  We did make the most of it, though.  We stopped at Te Bella for tea and lattes.  I order the Unsweetened Kiwi Coconut Cherry iced tea.  I am glad I stick with unsweetened, because this tea definitely had a lot of flavor.

 Humungous canisters of fresh tea!  I want this in my kitchen!!

 After the tea is brewed it sits - I don't know tea terms - then is poured in a metal container filled with ice and is then set upon a plastic cup full of ice so the tea leaves are trapped by a strainer and just the tea comes out of the bottom directly into your cup!  So cool!

 Shan's latte - main reason we came was to see the late artwork :)

Matcha Lemonade - supposed to give a big burst of natural energy - the taste was different, but wonderful - I will be doing my own research on this and will hopefully have some awesome recipes!

We signed up for a Stand Up Paddleboard class with Urban Kai.  I have always wanted to try SUP, but I am scared of sharks!  We took the class on Davis Island in the bay.  Boats everywhere - but they were luckily parked :)  I also managed to stay out of the water!  We learned how to paddle on our knees, then how to stand up and paddle while standing.  After the basics, we did abs, planks to push-ups, squats, shoulders - by kneeling down and paddling with our arms instead of the paddle, and obliques by moving the paddle forward and backward without taking the paddle out of the water.  I highly recommend this class and if you're down in Tampa check this company out!  The instructor was very motivational and gave great visual instructions.
 Me, Shan, and Sammi ready for SUP!
I cannot believe I was working out on a paddleboard in the bay!

The trip was fantastic and I still cannot believe it is over!  I already cannot wait to go back - hopefully another girls trip soon :)  I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend and I am excited to share my cookout meal for Memorial Day!

What challenging and new workouts have you recently tried?

What do you eat on vacation?

Would you workout over vacation?

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