Sunday, June 30, 2013


So, the past few days have been such a blur!  I have been so busy and so tired that it has been pretty much impossible for me to post - but, I am back and pretty much rested up :)

Now, I want to fill you in on the past few crazy days:

On Thursday, I was at work the entire day until about 8:00PM for our company's 10 year anniversary party.  The day was super long - I spent the entire week going through hundreds and hundreds of files.  I looked up files on the computer, printed files out, wrote notes, crossed stuff out, and highlighted nonstop!  So, I was obviously super-pumped for the party - catered BBQ-style food, prizes, a photo booth, a dunk-tank, and a mechanical bull.  A lot of the managers and higher-ups were voted to be the dunk-ees - so it was definitely funny!  The food was amazing and I was happy to have some healthy options.
My plate - I used to love ribs and had to indulge after the week I had ;) and  I picked the skin off the chicken.

After the party, I had to get to bed to be up at 4:45AM to get to Cedar Point because I was casted for an episode of Ride-Diculous on the Travel Channel.  My sister, her boyfriend - Kevin, Kristen - our friend, and I were all casted to be filmed riding the maXair at Cedar Point.  We had to be at Cedar Point at 7:00 in the morning!  It was so cool and kind of creepy to be in a huge amusement park pretty much alone - like a scary movie ;)  We spend a lot of the day riding the maXair and being filmed watching the ride, walking through the park, and getting interviewed.  We were paid $50, free lunch - which included build-your-own fro-yo! and free parking and admission!  It was a really cool experience and the episode will air sometime in the fall - I will keep you all up-to-date!!
 Pre- and post-ride interviews!

I fell asleep not long after filming and slept for about 11 hours!  Saturday I had an early workout of Barre with Ash!  I cannot believe I woke up for the class, but I am glad I did!  I also did a lot of cleaning with my mom and had a chance to run to the West Side Market!  The West Side Market is my favorite part of Cleveland.  The Westside Market sells all locally grown and locally made products, from fruits and vegetables to pasta and meats to cheeses and baked items.  The Westside Market is so full of culture and amazing food!  We had lunch at the market from a stand called Noodle Cat - also a restaurant.  Noodle Cat has these amazing little sandwiches served on steamed buns instead of normal bread.  These buns are like biting into soft, puffy clouds - sounds weird, but I just love their buns!  My mom and I ordered 6 for $16 and two of the three that sounded the yummiest!
BBQ Ohio Pork with pickled onions and scallions, Fat Casual with spicy mayo and avocado, West Side Market Butcher Bun (special) - Canadian Bacon (Dionne's stand) with pineapple and maple BBQ sauce.

Sunday was another busy day with a nap squeezed in ;)  I treated my family to brunch at Press Wine Bar after church - the sermon was titled Breakfast with Jesus, so brunch was needed!  Press has amazing food - made with a lot of local ingredients.  Their brunch has some interested menu items, but the combinations they have selected are nothing short of amazing!  I split the Bacon Flatbread and the Breakfast Tacos with my mom.  My dad ordered the Chicken Sandwich - poached chicken and clementine salad, challah bun, crisp romaine, yogurt dressing.  My sister had the Crab Benedict - toasted English muffin, seared crab cake, poached eggs, sea salt, sriracha hollandaise - I had a bite and yum!  Kevin ordered the Elvis Sandwich - Crunchy peanut butter, sliced bananas, and toasted challah bread sprinkled with cinnamon - another delicious choice!

Bacon Flatbread
 caramelized apple puree, fresh apple, Neuske bacon, blue cheese, caramel creme fraiche 

Breakfast Tacos
scrambled eggs, black beans, scallions, cheddar, ranchero sauce (on the side), pico de gallo, grilled tortilla

I would recommend everything that was ordered today at Press Wine Bar.  I personally tried everything that was ordered, except for the Chicken Sandwich - but, if my dad raves about it, then it has to be good - he's a little picky! Haha

We also stopped at A Cookie and a Cupcake after brunch - we had to walk past it to get to the car, so why not?  We each picked out a cupcake and my dad got a chocolate chip cookie (vegan and gluten-free) for his afternoon snack at work tomorrow.

Our Picks
(clockwise from top left) Ashley: Grasshopper - chocolate cake with mint buttercream. Kevin: German Chocolate - chocolate cake with coconut-pecan goo with brown sugar buttercream.  Mom: Salted Carmel - Chocolate cake with liquid carmel center, carmel frosting and black Hawaiian lava salt.  Mine: Gluten-free Chocolate - Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

I only had a fourth of the Gluten-free Chocolate and it was amazing!  The most moist cupcake I have ever had and it was so chocolatey!  I love these cupcakes and will definitely order from A Cookie and a Cupcake again :)  There was rave reviews about the other cupcakes, too!  

I took another nap after lunch.  I have been so tired ever since Friday - it has to be a combination of waking up between 5:45AM and 6:30AM every morning this week and filming most of the day Friday.  My sister and I tried to go on a bike ride in the evening to test out the tires from last year and it was very interesting.  Basically, my back tire was making a weird noise and I thought it was just rubbing on the bumper(?) and then my chain popped off!  I am missing some bolts and who knows what else is wrong :(  I am hoping it can be easily fixed.

Well, I need to get some Zumba in - I indulged too much this weekend and need to get back into it for the Fourth of July weekend!  I am excited for the workouts I have lined up this week :)

Have a great night!!

How was your weekend?

Have you ever been to Cedar Point?

What are your favorite kind of rides?

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