Thursday, June 20, 2013

TBT: Last Week's Cruise

Happy TBT or Throw Back Thursday :)  I am missing my cruise vacation so much and I realized this is the perfect day to forget about sharing my healthy food choices and share my cruise vacation with you all - I hope you're ready, because I sure am!

Our trip began with our 8 hour drive to Jersey - with a stop at a closed rest stop...seriously, what rest stop closes at 4:00PM??
My dad and I are really good at standing on ledges ;)

We had dinner at Valenca in Jersey the night before we left.  Valenca is an amazing Spanish restaurant - just take a look at this food!!
 Flaming chorizo

 Paella - this is a one person serving!!  We split it three ways and took it back to the hotel for lunch the next day - I couldn't believe how many meals we made from this!


 Chicken empanadas

After we got on the ship, we wasted no time finding the healthy food options :) this is where I first found the SPE options - so I was happy with the food within the first five minutes of this cruise!

The first two full days on the Celebrity Summit were sea days.  We took part in some of the onboard activities and enjoyed our first formal night.
 We participated in Zumba and line dancing - We learned Cotten-Eyed Joe and laughed the entire time!

 We participated in the onboard scavenger hunt - a picture at the buffet line and with sunscreen on the nose were two of the six things we had to take pictures with - then we had to find the answers to six questions!
 Of course, with being seasoned scavenger pros, we won a nice Celebrity beach bag full of goodies - which is perfect since my entire family forgot to bring one ;)

My mom also got my dad to participate in scrapbooking!

On formal nights they set up different photo sessions.  After dinner, we had a Captain's Toast in the theatre to begin the cruise.

The second sea day - which just so happened to be my parents 30th anniversary, we set up a surprise vow renewal for them!  My mom cried and my dad said this was the most memorable thing ever!

They are just so cute!  The ceremony included: renewing of the vows, a champagne toast, wedding cake (chocolate raspberry), renewal certificate, and an hour photography session.  We did purchase a package and I will figure out how to share those pictures soon!

On the third day we arrived and Faithful the tugboat pulled us into The Royal Naval Dockyard!
We watched Faithful while eating a deliciously healthy and filling breakfast in the dining room.

We explored Hamilton our first day.  Hamilton is the capitol of Bermuda.  Hamilton is full of shops and historical buildings.  The parks are beautiful and the people are very friendly.

Exploring the parks - Bermuda actually promote literacy and fitness by choosing a local authors book and put each page and corresponding illustration throughout to parks for the children to follow along and read - what an excellent idea!

We met a Senator - head of safety
We went to the Princess Hotel for afternoon tea - the tea was amazing!  I cannot wait to share what we enjoyed :)

Kissing under the Moongate

Making a wish of our own ;)

I just absolutely love these chairs and want to make my own - the view isn't bad either ;)

Exploring a fort - we had to go through a dark, tunneled staircase to get to the jungle
 Bermuda has an over-population of cats (and roosters) - I enjoyed all of the cats though!

 This is how the police used to direct traffic

 Hamilton has a street festival called Harbor Nights every Wednesday in the summer.  There are local vendors selling jewelry, giving out rum cake (yum!) and rum samples, and there are food trucks! 
We spent the second island day in St. George.  St. George is another historical town and used to be the capitol of Bermuda.  St. George has a lot more beaches and we were able to explore Fort St. Catherine.

We climbed all over Fort St. Catherine and then made our way to the beach to cool down.

 Fooling around in the town center with Tiff!

 Enjoying The Bermuda Perfumery of Lili Perfumes - all the scents come from the island and are so refreshing!  We bought the sampler pack and I can't wait to figure out and order my favorite ;)

 The trees get sweaters to be protected from the wind - haha I wish we had those sweaters for the ferry ride back to the ship - it is super windy near the ocean and we decided to ride back on the front of the ferry - what a great idea :)

The last day I went to the dockyard with my sisters to shop and go to the beach.  We were too busy to take many pictures (basically mom wasn't with us to document everything), but we did manage to take a picture on the biggest beach chair ever!

We didn't stay out too long - not only because we were going to be leaving Bermuda, but it was also our second and last formal night and we just had to get ready!
 Captain Leonardos 

 Our photographer asked for Charlie's Angels and attitude - apparently I am the only one that heard that part!
Feeling the love :)

I  really enjoyed this cruise - it is probably my most favorite vacation out of every vacation I have been on and I have been on so many trips for my age!  I would definitely look into cruises first when looking for vacations - I actually have another cruise booked already - which is really weird to think about!  I just loved this cruise so much and being able to relax or do as many things as I want.  The food was unbelievable and I was happy that I could eat so extravagantly without breaking my eating habits. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I know I still love to look at them!  

I will be out of town tomorrow until Sunday for one of my best friend's weddings!  I am a bridesmaid, so I will be there for a few days.  I will not be posting until Sunday night, but I cannot wait to share the wedding and all the good food I will be eating - the rehearsal dinner is BBQ style :)  I love a good BBQ! 

Have a good night and an awesome weekend!!

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