Friday, July 26, 2013

A Little Taste of Summer

So, this has been a busy week and I think yesterday was the longest day this week.  I am just so happy that it is Friday :) I feel like I find myself wishing for the weekend every time Monday comes around haha  Even though yesterday was terribly long, I was able to break up the day with a little trip to the Metroparks at lunch.  I hate being inside when there is such beautiful weather right outside my window.  So, when my mom asked me what I wanted to do for lunch I told her I am grabbing two Quest Protein Bars, grab to unsweetened iced teas from Starbucks and enjoy them in the Metroparks.  We found a perfect spot right under the sun!  And there was a cute, little old man who offered to take our picture :)
The rest of work was just long and boring - I had to keep getting granted access to different areas of this program I was working in.  And once 5:00PM rolled around, I was a very happy girl!  Except I spent about five minutes looking for my mom to leave and then I realized she drove herself and had already left - I don't know how she snuck past my desk!
I had a free evening - which doesn't happen quite often - so, my sister, Ashley and I decided to head over to Tremont for some ice cream.  Tremont has this adorable ice cream shop called Churned.  Churned was actually created by the owners of A Cookie and A Cupcake - a pastry shop that also provides gluten-free and vegan options.  Anyway, Churned only uses local fresh ingredients that practice the "organic way of life" and obvioulsy I appreciate that very much.  Ashley and I decided to share a two scoop ice cream dish - we could have gotten the four scoop, but we weren't that hungry.  We each picked a flavor and they were both delicious - but, I liked mine a little more!
Top scoop: Ashley picked the Mexican Hot Chocolate - chocolate ice cream with hints of cinnamon, orange and cayenne topped with marshmallows
Bottom scoop:  I picked Vegan Coconut Brownie - organic coconut milk and coconut yogurt with a creamy dark chocolate, mixed with their vegan brownie bites
After ice cream, we decided to talk over to A Cookie and A Cupcake to buy a cupcake for Tiffany because she missed out the last time we were there.  They have so many amazing flavors and we didn't know what to chose - we ended up buying the assortment of twelve mini gourmet cupcakes. 
I just love their logo!
We wanted a taste and couldn't wait, so Ashley and I decided to split the coconut one last night.  Coconut cake, crushed pineapple and fraiche cream - so scrumptious and a half was the perfect amount :)
After all of those tasty treats, I obviously ended the night with some Zumba!  I have been upping my cardio lately and Zumba is one of the only ways I will actually do some cardio - the wii is the best thing in my living room ;)
Well, it looks like it is going to be another beautiful day - hopefully I can get outside :)
Have a great weekend!




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