Monday, July 15, 2013

Benihana Birthday Dinner

My sister's birthday month is now - and yes we kind of celebrate throughout the entire month!  She received her free Benihana $30 gift certificate from their email club and so did her boyfriend, Kevin - their birthdays are 19 days apart.  (If you have a Benihana within driving distance, definitely sign up for the Chef's Table - you get a $30 certificate to use towards any entree and most are under $30!)

Anyway, we made a reservation so they could use their certificates - me, my mom, Ash and Kev because we didn't know if there needed to be another person present in order to use the certificate (even after eating there, we still don't know).  Another thing about Benihana is I like to go with a party of at least 6-7 so we can enjoy our groups company only - not everybody and their mothers!

We all picked entrees from the Teppanyaki menu.  I love the Teppanyaki menu because there is so much included!
Hot green tea - I love green tea made fresh from Matcha powder :) so many health benefits!

 Onion soup - I love almost any clear broth soup

 Benihana salad - the ginger dressing is absolutely amazing and so addicting!

Another reason why I love the Teppanyaki menu is the show put on by the hibachi chefs.
Our chef preparing the delicious veggies - he was very funny and entreating!  He made us an onion volcano and flipped an egg without breaking it!

My sister, Ashley and her boyfriend, Kevin both ordered larger than life entrees since they had their birthday certificates.  Ash ordered the Land 'N Sea - filet mignon and sea scallops.  Kevin ordered the Splash 'N Meadow - sliced steak and colossal shrimp.  I sampled both of their meals and they were delicious!  I love a nice taste of steak every now and then.  My mom ordered the Garden Delight - fresh garden vegetables steamed on the grill and finished with white balsamic vinegar and served with tofu and brown rice.
Such a nice selection of veggies!! They gave her the wrong rice :( 

I ordered the Spicy Tofu Steak - I wanted something spicy and I didn't really want any meat because we were eating later than I am used to.  Fun fact: spicy or food with a kick can help speed up your metabolism because your body is trying to cool itself down.  That's one reason why I love spicy foods and they just taste better!
Spicy tofu, scallions and cilantro with a side of grilled onions and zuchinni. 

I took home half of it and my mom was nice enough to give me the brown rice they brought to the table!
I love the rice hills they bring out to the table ;)

I was excited that dessert was also included with our meals.  Ashley and Kevins ice creams were brought out with candles and the servers sang happy birthday in English and Japanese.
They were made to stand and dance during the Japanese version!

Kevin and I both chose the green tea ice cream - my favorite ice cream flavor!
Green tea ice cream is so light and refreshing!  I had two bites and passed it on to Kevin.  I hope to find a healthy recipe to make my own version of green tea ice cream

When you go to Benihana for your birthday, you also get to take home a commemorative picture.  They took a picture of the birthday couple and I snagged a pic with my phone!  

I wish my birthday wasn't so far away so we could go for cheaper again - I always will love good deals.  I also would like a hibachi grill added to my kitchen, so I can cook my own hibachi dinners :)

Well, I have to get to sleep - my springboards class was intense tonight and I have an early workout with my mom this morning.

Have a wonderful evening!

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