Monday, July 1, 2013

Bike Ride and Barrio

What a long day at work!  I am almost done going through all these files and I wish I could make a campfire with them when I was through - that is how much I am loving the past week and a half at work ;)  I am sure you can guess I was very happy when work ended.  And I was ecstatic that it finally stopped raining - because it meant bike ride along the Canal!

My sister, Ash, just got into riding bikes after discovering a bike in the back of the garage - I already have a cute white and mint one from last year.  My sister's boyfriend, Kev, also just recently acquired a bike. We obviously have to put these bikes to good use and I love changing up my workouts!  We decided to ride along the Ohio and Erie Canalway.  The Towpath is really cool - it is a trail that runs 81+ miles - we rode about four of them - through the Ohio and Erie Canalway.  The location that we start has a big hill to go down - so, I walk my bike to start ;)  We are able to ride along the canalway and see a lot of wildlife.  We had several geese hiss at us and we saw a cute, little groundhog or gopher - they all look the same!  The Canalway is also part of the MetroParks and there was a free session teaching under-priveledged kids to fish - I really like the idea of offering children the opportunities and programs with an outdoor connection.  Anyway, it was a nice, cool night and I really enjoyed the wind through my hair - and the leg workout!

After our bike ride, we decided to stop at Barrio - a Premier Taqueria - for some guac and tacos.  I know what you're probably thinking - a special stop for some tacos...  But, these are not ordinary tacos, more like gourmet tacos!  Barrio has such a casual, laid-back atmosphere.  And some pretty awesome artwork!

Now, there are different ways to order - first, you can pick from a selection of specialty tacos, including the Dirty Taco and the Moooo-chas Gracias!  Or you can design-your-own-taco, kind of like DIY where you pick from over 30 items to create any combination you want - from corn tortilla to Greek Goddess, chicken to tofu, pineapple salsa to salsa roja.  The possibilities are endless.  Then there are different guacamole, salsa, and queso options!  Barrio also has an extensive margarita, whiskey and tequila menu.  The tacos are generally between $3-4 or more depending on select additional toppings or sides and the salsa, guac, and queso can be anywhere from $5-7.  

I ordered a specialty vegan taco, Kev ordered a custom taco, and Ash was there to eat most of the salsa and Tuscan guacamole.

Salsa is brought out right away - very tasty, but I can always use more heat!

 Tuscan guac - chèvre, basil, balsamic, pine nuts.  So yummy!

 Kev and the awesome new spork - spoon, fork, knife combo.  I am hoping these are complimentary, like the Menchie's spoons, because I am now a proud owner of one ;)

 My taco - Vegan Stoner

This was my first time trying the Vegan Stoner taco and I absolutely loved it!  There is actually a layer of hummus spread on the hard shell with the soft shell wrapped around it - awesome!  And the combination of veggies and salsa was wonderful and a little spicy :)  Bring on the heat!  I appreciate the vegan options - I used to get the tofu, but switched to the black bean option now that I am getting away from soy.  I can't wait to try the Garbage Salad Bowl next time!

The combination of our bike ride and Barrio seemed to turn the long, boring work day around.  I really enjoyed getting out into the "fresh" city air after being in the office all day.  And it has been a long time since I've had Barrio, so I was happy to get back and try one of their vegan options.  

I need to get some sleep for an early Zumba workout and an after-work Springboard session!  I am also picking up a juice cleanse tomorrow :)

Have a great night!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse?

What would be on your perfect taco?

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