Friday, July 12, 2013

Easy Friday :)

Happy Friday :) I just love the beginning of the weekend!  This has been a super long week and I am happy just to have some fun for a few days.  Actually, today was a pretty fun day, even though I spent most of it at work.  I took it easy today and when I mean easy I am talking about an hour and a half lunch break outside and a nail painting break ;)

I had lunch today at Food Truck Friday at the Free Stamp.  The trucks are set up in the parking lot and long the street near this giant free stamp - it's a pretty cool piece of artwork!

There were many different food trucks, serving everything from flatbreads to tacos and po boys to ribs.  We both ordered the Mediterranean Chicken Flatbread.  The flatbread was good, except I wish it had a little kick.

Mediterranean Chicken Flatbread - cucumbers, onions and cucumber sauce - I did not eat most of the sauce 

I really enjoyed being away from the office for so long and just being in the amazing sunshine and wonderful breeze.  I was definitely not looking forward to going back - but I only had about three hours left of work :)

I also enjoyed some appetizers today at this new bar downtown called W XYZ - happy hour is from 4-8PM!  There is a great raised-outdoor patio - it was nice sitting in the breeze.  I shared the hummus and shrimp spring rolls.  Both were delicious.  I especially loved the Thai-style sauce for the rolls and will definitely be back!

I then ventured over to the shore of Lake Erie with some friends for a little bit and was able to catch the beginning of the sunset.

I pretty much left after taking this picture so I could get some rest before waking up early for my Booty Barre workout.  I am so ready for this workout and the fun-filled day I have afterward - I just love all of the different festivals summer has to offer.

Have a great night and weekend!

**I forgot my Cucumber Fresh juice at work today - I was rushing to leave.  So...I will be having one of the other juices tomorrow for lunch!

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