Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fourth of July Weekend in Pittsburgh!

Hello!  I hope everybody enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend!  I had a great weekend with my family in Pittsburgh - we have family there and all of us happened to have the entire weekend off, so it was a perfect (long) weekend getaway.  There weather was hot and sunny - which was a lot better than the rain that showed up everyday in the forecast.  Anyway, we had a fun-filled weekend and I am pretty exhausted and excited to share my weekend with you all.

We left early Thursday morning to get to Pittsburgh - we wanted to get a good seat for the fireworks at Point Park.  Before we got to Point State Park, we stopped in SouthSide for lunch and to visit my Papap.  SouthSide is a up-and-coming area with many independent restaurants and shops along Carson street and then a small business district with shops and chain restaurants.  We had lunch at Apsara Cafe, a Thai-Cambodian restaurant.  Now, since it was the Fourth of July, we were the only ones in the cute, little restaurant.  It was nice to have such personal service.  I ordered soup and a lunch entree - which was huge!
Lemongrass Soup and a Spring Roll
The soup contained lemongrass, mushrooms, tomatoes, tofu, garlic and fresh basil.
The soup was delicious!  I cannot even describe it because I have never had anything like this before.  It was refreshing and satisfying.  

Vegetarian Pad Thai
I love Pad Thai and I ordered spicy Pad Thai and this is what they gave me:
This sauce was amazing and super spicy and I have no idea what it was :)

We also stopped at The Milk Shake Factory after lunch and picked up some chocolates.
We ordered one of each sugarless truffles.  I had two and they were amazing - especially the chocolate hazelnut truffle!!

After lunch and visiting my adorable Papap, we went over to Point Park for some Fourth of July festivities and some fireworks!  We had to park across the river at Station Square and walk across one of the many bridges in Pittsburgh.  The walk was long and hot, but I love walking towards the city of Pittsburgh - the views are amazing!  The park was crowded and there were tents and vendors set up everywhere!  We also saw the Sandsational Sandbox sculpting of Thomas Koet.
He's amazing!

We found a front row spot at the fountain and we had an awesome view of everything!  We were able to watch the Powerboat Race and had a prefect spot for fireworks.  The fireworks begin with a cannon being shot (scared me so bad) and the fireworks are set off on two enormous barges in the middle of the river - I would show a picture of the awesome fireworks, but I am not very good at catching fireworks on my camera ;)
 My sisters and I in our Fourth of July outfits - the other side of the fountain are our front row seats.
We had front row seats to the Powerboat race - but really we were watching water rockets race!  And they can go as fast as 120mph - it was so cool to watch!  My favorite was the yellow, but the black and white one won.

I did get this super cool shot of the American flag after the fireworks!

On Friday we went to Kennywood Amusement Park.  We got there right when it opened and went on every ride possible.  I was worried about finding food to eat, but I managed to survive the day with some healthier options.   We went on every ride possible and stayed almost until close - I was pretty exhausted and passed out at the hotel in my clothes - not what I had planned!  We did have a pretty fun day though!
 This shows some of mine and my dad's lunch - I had the turkey sandwich with one of the slices removed, the whole plate of watermelon and half of the strawberries.  I was pretty satisfied with this amusement park lunch!  I also found some all-natural and gluten-free cookies.

On Saturday we began the day at Sandcastle Water Park - I don't have any pictures because we are a super cool family that used a water camera at the park.  Haha so I will not have any pictures to show for a while.  It is your standard water park - wave pool, body slides, tube slides, lazy river, kiddie area and food stands.  We had a lot of fun and luckily it was super sunny and extremely hot - perfect get-your-tan-on setting.  And because the healthy stands were closed at the water park (on a Saturday?), we stopped for lunch on the Southside at The Pretzel Shop.  The pretzels are amazing and only fifty cents per pretzel, plus they make so many different kinds of sandwiches with their famous pretzels!  
 I ordered the Hummus Pretzel Sandwich
Warm pretzel with red pepper hummus, lettuce and tomato - so delicious!  This shop was around when my mom was growing up in the Southside - the old man used to walk around with pretzels on a long metal rod yelling "Pretzels!"

Once we were done enjoying our pretzels, my sister Tiffany and I got ready for the Taylor Swift Red Tour concert at Heinz Field - home of my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers!!  My parents bought her field seats for Christmas, and she was nice enough to invite me!  I have always wanted to go on Heinz Field and it didn't hurt that Ed Sheeran was also performing - I just love his voice and he was in a Roethlisberger jersey!!  It was actually my first concert and I really enjoyed the crowds and the music - there are a few songs by Taylor (Trouble and We Are Never Getting Back Together) that I absolutely love!  We had a great time!

 Us walking out onto the field! And getting ready to enjoy the concert!

 Ed Sheeran - he's just so cute :) and Taylor Swift

Our last day in Pittsburgh we spent most of the day with my cousin Tommy and his wife Kat.  We met for breakfast at Eat'n Park - another Pittsburgh staple :) They have Eat'n Smart options.  I ordered two whole wheat pancakes - dry, turkey sausage, egg whites and fresh strawberries.  I really enjoyed everything!                                           
And my sister got her boyfriend Kevin the famous smiley cookie - they have Pittsburgh Pirate-themed ones!

We then went to an outdoor shooting range to learn how to shoot.  It was a lot of fun and I did pretty good for my first time!

After the range, we stopped at Primanti Bros. - another Pittsburgh staple.  We went for the Almost Famous Primanti Bros. Sandwiches.  

We ordered the fried pickle appetizer - I had one after dabbing it in a napkin and no dipping sauce!

My sister Tiffany and I split the Pitts-Burgher Cheese Steak
Steak patty, swiss cheese, fries, coleslaw and tomato - yum!!  I only eat one about once a year or less - but, it is totally worth it!!

I enjoyed my long Fourth of July weekend so much!  I was also completely exhausted when I got home, but I wouldn't change anything about the weekend.  I hope everyone else had an awesome Fourth of July weekend and were able to have Friday off of work, as well :)

Have a great night everybody!  I am still trying to catch up on sleep and get my workouts back in order.  I am also doing a juice cleanse on Thursday - I had to push it back because I did not want to do a juice cleanse on a day of an intense workout class.  I can't wait to share how it goes.

What did you do for the Fourth?

Did you indulge in anything you normally wouldn't over the holiday?

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