Friday, July 19, 2013

Fro Yo = A Healthier Summertime Treat

I think I have mentioned frozen yogurt once or twice and just how much I love it!  I love frozen yogurt for many reasons: 1. Build-Your-Own - I love making my own desicions about how much or how little yogurt I want in my cup.  I enjoy picking my own toppings and having so many different healthier options, like fruit and dark chocolate.  2. I like that frozen yogurt is a healthier option because of the toppings - you can get fiber, antioxidants and protein from granola, fruit and nuts.  3.  Frozen yogurt has fewer grams of fat and saturated fat - depending on your portion size.  If you double your portion because you know there is less fat, than you can end up with the same amount or more if you decided to go further than doubling.  4.  I love all the different frozen yogurt flavors I can choose from and I can also make my own mixes with the flavors.

So, obviously I normally choose frozen yogurt over ice cream when I have a craving for a sweet, frozen treat.  There are so many different combinations, it is like having endless possibilites - it's nice not to have to worry about getting bored with frozen yogurt!  But, what happens when not only do you have a craving for something sweet, but you have a craving for strawberry cheesecake or a frozen margarita?  What do you do fulfill that craving without going overboard?  Well, Shape was nice enough to put together frozen yogurt combos to fulfill some of your favorite foods cravings while saving on calories and fat :)

**Taken from Shape Magazine website,  if you would like to, check out the online article, or look for other health and fitness tips, check out their website.
I love all the fat and calorites I can save - especially on bananas foster!  I love bananas in dessert - really any fruit in a dessert is my favorite :)  When I crave dark chocolate, sea salt and caramel - I usually mix chocolate or caramel frozen yogurt with pretzels, dark chocolate chips and some caramel sauce, along with either strawberries or raspberries (I just love fruit so much)!
I recently introduced Picadilly Artisan Frozen yogurt and talked about how it is an organic and vegan frozen yogurt shop.  I love that this fits into how I try to eat - more organic than vegan, but vegan just makes it extra appealing to me :)  I also appreciate the fact that Piccadilly uses fruits from local farms and farmers markets - I feel better knowing where my delicious treats are coming from.  They also try to keep their ingredients as local as possible and do not use any preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, etc.  Now that I have experienced Piccadilly, I will not eat frozen yogurt from any shop that is not USDA certified organic.  However, if you want to invite me for frozen yogurt and there is not organic shop in site, I will get a giant cup of fruit - fruit itself is a treat for me! 
Well, I hope you all have a great day and if you get frozen yogurt soon to help beat the heat, try one of these combos or create your own version of your favorite dessert!!  If you try one of these combos or create your own, I would love to hear all about it!


  1. I never knew that a cheese plate has that much calories! Well, thanks to fro-yos, I can enjoy my favorite cheese plate without worrying about the tons of calories to burn. Thanks for this post, Jessica! :)

    1. I know and I love my cheese plates with some fruit on the side! I tried the suggested fro-yo combination and it definitely curbed my cheese plate craving :) Glad you enjoyed the post!