Friday, July 12, 2013

Juice Cleanse Test

So, I announced that I was going to try the Garden of Flavor juice cleanse this week.  And I did, sort of...

Now, I do know that most cleanses are used for a quick weight-loss, but I am not doing the clease for that reason.  I've always wanted to try a cleanse and use it to get rid of any toxins that might be built up in my body.  And because I do not want to lose weight, I changed the game plan up a bit.

I woke up yesterday morning bright and early to begin my cleanse.  I read the information and suggestions and began the cleanse with a warm mug of water with lemon - as suggested.  I love warm lemon water!  Surprisingly, the water kept my hunger away while I got ready for work.  I brought the 1-day pack to work to keep in the fridge.


The first juice of the cleanse is Goji Pineapple.  I thought the flavor was going to be really sweet and I was happy it wasn't.  I could definitely taste the organic ginger root, organic mint and organic lemon in the juice - it wasn't really overpowering, but it did help balance the juice out.  The juice also contained organic pineapple, purified water, organic apple and dehydrated goji powder.

As, I was drinking, I read the nutrition content and noticed there is 40 grams of sugar in the first bottle - now I know it is all natural sugar, but I hate a lot of sugar.  I decided to do a little research and after adding up the sugar content for the whole cleanse, I did not want to risk a sudden sugar-high and fall.  The reason most pre-made cleanses like to add a lot of fruit - besides helping with taste - is because there is not a whole lot of protein, calories, or carbs to give the energy needed from food.  This is where the change in my one-day juice cleanse happened - I decided to sub one meal for one of the juices.  So, I ate regular meals for lunch and dinner - I made sure to keep the two meals completely natural.  I had wedding soup, some greens with grapes, a small piece of grilled lemon chicken and some green beans for lunch - my favorite soup!  And for dinner I had the White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bar - yum!! :)  I also had a huge plate of fresh blueberries and strawberries for a mid-afternoon snack.

I definitely could see a difference even with just the one juice for breakfast.  I feel like the juice jumpstarted my day in a good way.  I was alert and ready to go.  I even noticed a difference in my body - my stomach felt flatter haha - even after I ate a lunch and dinner. 

I really enjoyed the first juice and cannot wait for the second.  I will be having the Cucumber Fresh for dinner and I can't wait to see what that tastes like!  I am thinking it will have a very fresh taste ;)

Well, have a great day!  It's Friday ;)

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