Saturday, August 31, 2013


Thinking…about how nice it is to be on a four-day weekend and being able to do nothing but relax the last two days.

Feeling…accomplished.  I survived my first JV football game as a cheer game down, nine to go!

Watching…Big Bang Theory. I love the humor of this show.  Sheldon is amazing and makes this show completely hilarious.

ReadingThe Bone Season by Samantha Shannon.  I checked this book out among others from recommendations I received from a librarian from the Cuyahoga County Public Library based on books I've recently read - they do this about once a month on Facebook and I always love their recommendations.  It's a pretty new book and I am actually beginning it later tonight and I have heard awesome reviews...I couldn't even renew it - I like free books from the library :) - because so many people have requested it.

Excited…about my new Nikes - and my $10 Kohl's cash!  Thank you, daddy!!  

Missing…less humid weather and late sunsets.

Wondering…why I am not living in another country yet.

Working…on cheer t-shirt designs.

Stressed…about nothing, really.  I don't let things bother me.

Proud…that my cheerleaders had a successful game and our concession stand fundraiser was a hit!

Wanting…to be on a sunny beach with a nice, warm breeze.

Wishing…I was on a permanent vacation.

Eating…nothing.  I did eat one Choco Hail Merry Macaroon a little bit ago :)

Drinking…Water.  I just finished a fruity protein smoothie - strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, cubed peach, a clementine, Garden of Life RAW Protein, cinnamon and honey.

 My pretty purple smoothie full of fruity deliciousness and health benefits
 Love my Steelers glass!
My sister enjoying her fruity protein smoothie

Loving…local food from the West Side Market and local eats from Heck's Cafe.
 Kale Salad - fresh berries, cinnamon hazelnuts, shaved parmesan, apricot vinaigrette - the most amazing salad ever!!

Falafel Burger - house made, tahini-lemon sauce, tomato relish, wheat bun.  So delicious and filling - which is why I could only have a protein smoothie for a later dinner.

I am very content with my "currently-s.  I am also looking forward to my near-future events this weekend!  It is going to be filled with family, friends and great food :)  I just love days off and spending most of the time outdoors getting some last minute sunshine!  

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend :)

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