Monday, August 12, 2013

Tangy Black and Blue BBQ Pizza

Well, hello there... I am excited about this post tonight!  My mom recently purchased 100 calorie steaks from Market Day and when my sister made them last week, I missed out because of a workout.  I decided that I was going to use one of the remaining steaks in a meal.  I decided that I have been missing pizza lately, so I made a trip to EarthFare to carry out my plan.  In my head I created the perfect pizza and I just hoped that it would taste as good as it sounded in my head...  And let me tell you, it was better than what I even imagined!   Now, to share my recipe with you all :)

Tangy Black and Bleu BBQ Pizza


1 tbsp 365 Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
sprinkle of rosemary
2 tbsp EarthFare Organic Tangy Barbecue Sauce
a few shakes of crushed red pepper flakes

Step 1: Preheat oven to 425

Step 2: Cut the Market Day 100 Calorie Steak into strips

Step 3: Add the strips of steak, 1 tbsp coconut oil and sprinkle of rosemary to a small frying pan until the steak is browned - or until achieving your preferred level of doneness.

Step 4: Place both of the crusts on a stone baking sheet

Step 5: Spread one tbsp of the barbecue sauce on each one of the crusts

Step 6:  Equally divide the strips of steak and lay them across each of the two crusts - there was a little more on mine and my mom's pizza crust because my dad cannot eat red meat very often

Step 7: Equally divide 1/3 cup of Go Veggie cheddar and evenly sprinkle among each of the pizza crusts

Step 8: Add a few sprinkles of organic blue cheese to each pizza crust

Step 9: Sprinkle some crushed red pepper flakes one each pizza

Step 10: Bake in oven for 12-15 minutes

This pizza was amazing!  I loved every single bite I took of this tangy, barbecue-y, cheesy deliciousness.  The combination of the tangy barbecue sauce, the mild cheeses and the rosemary steaks with the crispiness of the gluten-free crust was out of this world!  I couldn't have asked for a better recipe to satisfy my pizza cravings.  I can't believe I conquered this craving with a healthy steak pizza.  My dad was even raving - he normally can't eat pizza because he can't have much dairy.  This pizza was bursting with so many complimenting flavors and I am so excited that I have two more steaks left to make this meal again!  

I also had a wonderful salad to accompany my Tangy Black and Bleu BBQ Pizza - a Power Super Salad.  My mom and I went to Mustard Seed Market and Cafe last week for lunch and enjoyed many samples.  One of the samples was this Power Super Salad - Power Salad mix, bulk trail mix and Cindy's Kitchen All Natural Fresh Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Dipping.  We loved the salad and decided it would be great in our kitchen, but after checking the nutritional label on the dressing I decided to search for something a little lower in fat and sugar.  I ended up with Cindy's Kitchen All Natural Fresh Avocado Vinaigrette Dressing Marinade and I am glad we bought this dressing instead.  The avocado vinaigrette is unlike anything I've ever tasted on a salad - it is tangy, yet refreshing.  The combination of the dressing and the sweetness of the dried cranberries from the trail mix was wonderful.  And the salad was a great addition to the fantastic pizza!

Well, I really enjoyed dinner tonight and am looking forward to more of my thought-up recipes :)  I hope everyone else had a wonderful dinner and have a great night!

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