Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend in Pictures...lots and lots of pictures!

I hope everyone had a great weekend :) My weekend was super busy and super fun - so, I will be sharing my weekend mostly in pictures will take too many words to describe my weekend and I do not want to take up an hour of your time ;)

Friday Evening

Dinner at House of Hunan
 Hot and Sour Soup - my favorite soup ever
 Fried Tofu and Gyoza
Vegetarian Pad Thai

Saturday Morning

Color Me Rad in Akron - I won free registrations from 2Wired2Tired blog
 Getting some pics before we get color-bombed
 I can't wait for the Color Me Rad Facebook page to upload their pics

 Warming up before our wave

 Photo-op with the Color Me Rad bunny at the start line :)
 And we're off!
 My dad trying to color-bomb us before the finish line
 We did it!!
 Color explosion with the finishers - we're in their somewhere...can't see us and we can't see
 Color-bombed photos

Loving the colored life!

Saturday Afternoon 

National Hamburger Festival in Akron - yes, we chow on burgers after running a 5k ;)
 Taking some photos in the pretty gardens before the festival begins - I was starving!

Stopped in the The Peanut Shoppe of Akron for some chocolate-covered peanuts - two of my favorite things!

It's Hamburger time!!
Mexican Hamburger - fresh ground beef with avocado, lettuce, onions, chipotle mayo and jalapeƱo - from Krav Food Truck
The Duck Truk - fresh ground duck with truk made cranberry mustard and caramelized onions - from The Orange Truk - best burger ever!!!
 The two awesome food trucks :)

 Awesome Strawberry-Lemon Shake-Up from Real Frut

Sunday Afternoon

Lunch at El Arepazo y Pupuseria - authentic Salvadorian y Columbian restaurant
 Queso y Loroco Pupusa y Ceviche y Empanada el Puerco
 Tamal de Pollo 

Sunday Mid-Afternoon

Setting Up My Spanish-Teaching Sisters' Classroom
 The teachers corner
 Shelf of supplies
 Calendario... I helped with this and picking out the Pitbull articles for the bulletin board background ;)
 White board
 The papa corner and the American flag :)   Yes, I put all of these wonderful cabezas de papa together!

Sunday Evening

Cupcake Time!
Sharing a Southern Charm Cupcake - lemon cupcake with lavender frosting and blueberry filling - with Kevin and Ashley

 Now you see why I chose mostly pictures for today's post - such a jam-packed weekend!  I spent most of the weekend with my family and had a blast!  I enjoyed being outside and testing my limits - I am not a runner, but it was fun participating in Color Me Rad and having my parents support us.  I am already looking forward to this upcoming weekend - and it's only Monday night :/  But, I have a feeling it will come sooner than usual ;)

Well, I hope your weekend was as exciting as mine!

Have an awesome evening!

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