Monday, September 9, 2013

Better Late Than Never!

I cannot believe I haven't posted since Wednesday!  I try to post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday - and sometimes squeeze an extra post or two in...but I went out of town for my sister, Tiffanys' white coat ceremony and it was impossible to do!  I did manage to catch up on some sleep though :)  So, here's my weekend in a nutshell:


4:45AM: Wake up
6:00-6:55AM: Springboards
8:30AM-4:30PM Work - lunch with my mom at Wasabi - which I realized today that I am allergic to something Japanese and Chinese restaurants use (I am guessing MSG)  I did enjoy lunch until I felt sick
Ebi Shumai - steam shrimp dumplings and Seaweed Salad

My mom ordered the Lunch Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box - chicken teriyaki, seaweed salad, steamed rice and California Roll

5:00-6:30PM Pack and visit with my visiting Aunt Joyce
6:30-10:30PM: 4-hour drive to my sisters' university - we did get to witness a beautiful sunset on the way down!

10:30-12:00AM visit with my sister and her friends for a birthday party


I was able to sleep in until 9:00AM on Saturday - I must've really needed it because I slept through my sister and her roommates going in and out of the bathroom to get ready for their White Coat rehearsal.  My sister, Ashley and I went to Cracker Barrel to meet our parents and Aunt for brunch - I just ordered a bowl of fruit because I brought my ingredients for my usual Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Oatmeal ;)  After brunch we headed over to my sisters White Coat Ceremony to mark the beginning of pharmacy school - such an exciting day for her!
 Tiffany receiving her white coat - such a professional!

Ashley really enjoyed the fruit and dessert tables ;)

Our signature "sister pose" whenever there's a professional photographer available!

We ate lunch at Red Lobster - I usually am not a food chain person by any means, but I did order a delicious fish entree.
Grilled rainbow trout - half portion with pineapple salsa - I originally ordered mixed veggies, but they brought the wrong sides.  I sent the potatoes and broccoli home with Tiffany :)

Ashley and I drove home after dinner because we had an early morning class to attend at church the next day.  The ride was long and I thought I was going to fall asleep at the wheel - luckily I had water to keep me up.


Sunday was just a busy day in itself.  Ashley and I began Financial Peace University - a biblically based curriculum that teaches people how to handle money God's way.   My church offers the class every Sunday morning for the next eight weeks.  We both decided to sign up for this class to get a jump start on budgeting, saving and paying of our student loans quicker.  

After church, we ran home to make lunch and get downtown for the Cleveland Indians game - we acquired free tickets and love to partake in anything free and fun!  The day started off chilly, so as we ventured through downtown and over to the stadium we stopped in CLE Clothing Co. to look at some sweatshirts.  I ended up buying one because I did not want to freeze at the game - it was a lot warmer at my house before we left! 
I love this design!

A lot of the game we were in the sunshine - luckily the last few innings the sun moved behind the stadium so I could put my sweatshirt to good use!  The game was fun and we basically sat on the field!   It was a super-long - almost four hours!!  

Great seats for the hot dog race!!
 Ketchup was the winner Sunday
 My sister likes Onion because she carried a purse
I always vote for Mustard, but he did not take the race seriously this time

I met some friends at Barrio for some tacos and ate a lot of good food - I felt so gross after though.

Chipotle-Plum Guacamole
Ohio-grown plums, almonds, chipotle-honey - MMM!

Build-Your-Own-Taco Bowl and the special taco 
Taco - Pork belly with grilled pears and blue cheese.  Taco Bowl - vegetarian and I am not sure what I got on it - but, I actually just wanted the Bowl and I don't always read everything so when I went down the menu (you mark what you want on a paper) and I saw the work quantity I put "1", not realizing I was marking the quantity for special taco of the day - thankfully, I only wrote "1" ;)

  I felt so gross after eating all that food, though.  I decided that I am going to have to do something to keep me focused on a more clean-eating lifestyle and through in some extra cardio.  I will now be posting my meals and workouts everyday, as a log to keep myself accountable.  I know if I share my efforts with you all, I will keep with my workouts and eating habits.  When I go to eat something I will be like, "Will I be ashamed to post this food pic on Jessica's 3 F's" or "Will I be embarrassed to admit I chose to sleep in instead of working out?"  I know it might sound silly, but I have to do it!  So, there might be some days with just an update of my healthy food choices (an possible slip-ups) and/or my workout routine, but it will keep me accountable and hopefully be some sort of motivation for those that need it :)  I actually posted this photo to one of my social medias last night and it worked!  I woke up and worked out for a half hour before getting ready for work.

Well, I will be posting tomorrow about how I am doing with my clean-eating/healthy eating and workout schedule.  I am happy to have all of you to keep me accountable.  Have a great night :)

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