Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend (Sun-Mon) In Pictures

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day weekend!  I really enjoyed my extra-long weekend - it began with getting out of work early on Thursday for a compliance dinner and having Friday off of work :)  I was able to relax (a little), get a lot of stuff done, and really enjoy my time with my family.  Sunday and Monday were so full of activity, that I am super happy that I made a post on Saturday!  So, here is my Sunday and Monday in pictures..

 17 Food Trucks...MMM!!

 Chicken Tacos - Stone Pelican Rolling Cafe
 Tandoori Chicken - Krav
 Jerk Chicken Tacos and Rosemary Fries - Denostas
 Gyro with Lamb - Gyro Bob's Street Sensations
 Cucumber Mint Popsicle - Popsmith
 Peach and Lavender and Plum Thai Basil Popsicles
 Pork Slider - Pig Lickin' Good BBQ
 Brisket Sandwich - Pigalicious
 Mini Cinnamon Sugar Donuts from DonutLab

I just love these food truck round-ups!  Food trucks are my favorite way to eat and one of my favorite things about Cleveland!  The trucks always have something delicious for me and I love eating local and delicious food.  I hope we have a super-long fall season, so the food trucks stay out and play for a lot longer :)

Early springboards workout to begin Labor Day
I am also celebrating being Client of the Month!
My favorite spot in Barre!

Putt-Putt at Swings-N-Things - All of the girls got a hole-in-one! Domination ;)

Lunch at Cafe Tandoor
 Vegetarian Mixed Platter - vegetable samosa, vegetable, onion & paneer pakoras - We didn't realize it was fried, so I just sampled
 Garlic Nan - topped (lightly) with garlic and butter
 (Top left to bottom right) Chicken Shahi Korma - chicken cooked in a mild cashew sauce with ginger and garlic; Butter Chicken - marinated chicken in a fresh creamy tomato, butter sauce; Sagg Paneer - Paneer and fresh, chopped spinach with light spices; Chicken Jhalfrazie - chicken sautéed with with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers; Chicken Tikka Masala - Chicken tikka in a special light sauce with onions and bell peppers; Paratha Lachhedar - multi-layered, buttered whole wheat bread; Nan and rice.

Everything was delicious and I would eat there again and again!  I am on such an Indian food kick and there's this Indian restaurant that I keep hearing nothing but amazing things about and will hopefully share that place with you soon!

Well, it's back to real-life....I would like to stay on vacation forever :)  I am happy there's only three days left this week!  And tomorrow is WIMBW - get ready, because I have some more pumpkin left!  I am also preparing this oatmeal in a different way - so, stay tuned!

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