Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Captured In Photos - some words, too!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  My weekend was long - a busy Saturday and a relaxing Sunday.  I am excited to share my weekend of pictures with you in as little words as possible - they say "pictures are worth a thousand words" ;)  Please, enjoy!

 Fitness modeling with the Cleveland Browns TJ Ward - just got them back so had to share :)


Mid-Morning Snack - Evolution Harvest Bar
 MMM - still like the Almond Cocoa better!

 Ginger Peach hot tea
 Italian wedding Soup - one of my favorites
 Veggie Burger on whole wheat with honey mustard

Afternoon Snack - Evolution Harvest dried fruit
Love the dried kiwi!

Toasted Ezekiel bread topped with GoVeggie Mozzarella, organic turkey bacon and an egg fried in 1 tsp coconut oil and a side of turkey bacon

 Plum Shiso (belongs to the mint family) - super delicious!!  

I also had Vegan Spiced Squash ice cream from Mason's Creamery - but, I was so excited to catch them before they left, so I forgot to take a picture before finishing the fall-flavored deliciousness!

 We found the Urban Grazers!

And the llama who guards them :)

Afternoon snack 
 I won a box of ten of these - so far only tried the Raspberry and I love it :)  More on these later!

 Ashley found one of her Hulk Hands
 I think Kevin wishes she didn't ;)

Dinner - Pizza BOGO
 Morocco - basil pesto, mozzarella & provolone cheeses (light on the cheese), feta cheese, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, red onions & marinated chicken breast

Tuscan Fiorentina - spicy garlic sauce, red onion, fresh basil, roasted red pepper, mushroom, steak, provolone & mozzarella cheeses (light on the cheese), fresh scallions & balsamic glaze


 S'mores Cupcakes I baked for the Food Pantry

(Shared with mom and sister) Empanadas - empanadas de queso, empanadas de carne & empanadas de puerco   

(Shared) Bandeja Paisa - rice, beans, plantains, pork, Columbian sausage, avocado and egg

(Shared) Pupusas Revueltas

(Dad) Chicken over rice topped with mushrooms and sliced avocado

Weekend Inspiration and Laughs!

This is for my mom ;) I always tell her that her eyes are bigger than her stomach 

Bucket List for sure!

Everyone should do this!
Interesting facts 

As you can see, my weekend was full of fantastic food!   I cannot wait to share the recipe I made tonight!  It is full of chocolate and other delicious summer-time treats.  But, I have to get back to Monday Night Football!!  Hopefully by the end of this game I will still be smiling :)  

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