Monday, October 7, 2013

First Field Trip!

Hi all!  I am excited to share my third day of school with you :)  I spent the day at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on my first field trip as a teacher!  We had four chaperones for 26 kids - so we split the kids into groups 4 groups with 6-7 kids each (luckily, I only had six).

We at lunch outside - a little windy, so too cold for my liking - but I did bring some food that I prepped last night (no pictures, because I was aiding children in opening condiment packets and cookies, etc).  I had chilled millet with pieces of grilled chicken, frozen black grapes, a large carrot, a tiny crabapple, and a piece of dark chocolate caramel with sea salt from Whole Foods - MMM!!!

I took my group around the zoo and rainforest and was able to take pictures of our adventures :)

African Elephant Crossing

A small python 

Up-close and personal with the giraffe - I can't believe how long their tongues are!

A wolf sleeping in the Wolf Wilderness Lodge

The Bald Eagle

A beaver swimming in the Wolf Lodge - I don't think he leaves the water too much living with a pack a wolves!

Swims with the beavers

Reindeer - the kids were looking for Santa Claus!


The grizzly bears took over the old polar bear exhibit 

I cannot believe how playful the animals were today!

The seal and sea lion enjoyed the weather - we learned the seal (the smallest one) is the oldest: 26!  And the big sea lion is 23.


Monkey Island



The anteater - we didn't see any ants though

Brazilian Ocelot

The kids loved watching the Francois' Langur monkeys play and groom each other!

 The Orangutans - baby Daniel is now 7 years old!

 They love the Blue Poison Dart Frog!

I had to use my flash to show the kids the bats all huddled upside-down together

They love the aquariums!

The awesome chameleon - I just love his color!

I had a great day at the soon, but I am exhausted!  I fell asleep after I got home..on the floor, while watching the sad Pirates game - praying for a win Wednesday!  I also went to a springboards class tonight and have a workout lined up every night this week :)  I also have a shortened school day by an hour and twenty minutes - which is a big deal when you're the teacher :)  I am teaching math tomorrow- yay!  

Come on weekend!!!

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