Tuesday, October 1, 2013

WRHS in Pictures! And a Secret Shopper Experience :)

Hi!  I hope you had a great weekend :)  I had a busy saturday at the WRHS and being a secret shopper (for the first time) for a newly opened Asian-Fusion Bistro in University Circle area - the rest of my weekend was pretty relaxing :)

The Crawford Auto Aviation Collection

Euclid Beach Carousel

 Hay-McKinney House

 Old-fashioned mixer
 An old-fashioned juicer

Secret Shopper Experience 
 comfy-cozy space - family-friendly - inviting

Mini Spinach and Paneer Samosas with dipping sauce - 2 for 1.50
The perfect bite-sized appetizers - the spinach and paneer were combined wonderfully and neither over-powered the other.  The restaurant ran out of the other two samosa combinations, but the spinach and paneer samosas were so tasty, that I didn't mind!

Murgi Tikka Salad Bowl - $6.45
Bite-sized pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt and spices - Delicious!  I love what the yogurt and spices added to the chicken - I even added the remaining sauces from my samosas to the dish.  I love anything spicy :)  The chicken was marinated perfectly and was cooked to perfection!

 Palak Paneer Chutney Roll - $6.15
Slowly sautéed spinach served with cubes of savory cheese - I love paneer and spinach!  The Palak Paneer Chutney Roll was very tasty and a little messy - I need to remember to keep the roll wrapped and just peel back the foil as I eat.  Very flavorful and filling :)

Masala Chai - and Sweet Lassi
I have been loving hot tea lately, so I decided to try the Masala Chai - Traditional ginger masala milk steam slowly brewed on open flame.  I think I found my new favorite hot beverage!  I love the creaminess of this drink and the flavor the spices bring - you just have to give the Masala Chai a try to understand the amazingness of this drink!
We wanted to finish our meal with something sweet and my mom saw someone else order a white drink.  She asked what the white drink was and it is called a Sweet Lassi - yogurt drink blended with sugar and fresh mint.  The Sweet Lassi is very refreshing.  The drink itself is not too sweet, but has that subtle sweetness that compliments the mint.  I will definitely be finding this recipe to make in my Vitamix!

I really enjoyed Chutney Rolls - the food is amazing, but the wait-time was a little long.  The food is made fresh, but there is a big rush during the dinner hours - so be prepared to wait for your delicious food.  The manager was very kind and apologetic.  There are also many games to play while waiting, like Jenga and Uno.  The noise-level was a bit much when the rush came, but once the music was turned down I could hear my mom again :)  Chutney Rolls just opened about one month ago, so they are still looking for help - which explains the wait.  If you live near University Circle and you love delicious, Indian-spiced food, this may be a job for you!  I will definitely be back and I know Chutney Rolls will be able to work out the kinks of being a newly opened restaurant.

 New teacher badge!
I had my HR Orientation yesterday and it's starting to feel so real!! Only 2 more days :)

I will be out of town to hopefully raise the Jolly Roger tonight, so I will not be able to post - I will share my day trip sometime tomorrow :)  Have a great Tuesday!

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