Saturday, January 25, 2014

FLOURISH - 2014 Goal Check-In

Well, with school starting back up it has been nearly impossible to take the time to post.  School has been very busy with preparing report cards and administering the NWEA (MAP) testing.  I have also been busy getting my girls ready for our pep rally next Friday.  I feel like I am bring pulled so many different directions because I also need family/friend time and me time.

Anyway, I have been thinking about the goals I have made for myself in the new year and I want to share my progress towards each.

1.  Keep a regular workout schedule:  I have not done this - not regularly anyway.  When I get a chance I do a dance workout or lots of squats.  I keep making excuses about being too tired or busy - I need to make it a point to workout while catching up on my shows!  I also finally recieved my 6 Barre DVDs so I am definitely excited to put my new "barre studio" to work!

2.  Make healthy choices - I have done this - not through the Daniel Fast (I will have to time my own after grocery shopping or else I will just go hungry)!  I have been saying no more to sweets and carbs - which is what works best for my body!

3. Get closer to God - I have been praying more.  I just need to get in the word more often and make time to get involved with a Connect Group at church (after pep rally I will have my Thursdays back).

4.  Figure out my career - I have a few options within reach, but too early to know which direction I will be moving.

5.  To have as much fun as I can - I have been enjoying myself even though everything that I am really looking forward to lies ahead.  I have been enjoying the city of Cleveland and my 3 snows days - more to come probably next week :)  And I just reserved my floating mat for one of the islands and bought my pass to the floating water park!  I also just booked a weeklong trip to NC/SC with my family after spring break!

6.  Make better financial decisions - I have definitely been doing this.  I am no longer impulse buying or giving in to my (what we like to call) "want monster".  I am very proud of myself and am excited to continue my journey with Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University.

I am not as disciplined in all areas that I have goals, but earlier this week my principal talked about One Little Word.  Every year people make resolution(s) or things they want to change about themselves and by January those resolutions are forgotten.  Instead, pick One Word to focus on and means something to you.  This little word will stick with you and help you achieve the results to reach you goal(s).

After looking back at my goals, I have chosen the word FLOURISH.  v. to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, esp. as the result of a particularly favorable environment. n. an instance of suddenly performing or developing in an impressively successful way.  I want to flourish in every area of my life and especially in the goals I have for myself.  God wants us to flourish and I am going to flourish with his help.  FLOURISH will help me stay on track with all of my goals!  I am going to etsy to get a nice (vintage-inspired) necklace with FLOURISH engraved on it :)

I suggest you join me in picking a word to help you accomplish and focus on achieving what you want in life - from anywhere to health and wellness to financial peace to career goals.

A few more words I was contemplating - strength, results, accomplish and thrive.  There are so many encouraging words out there!

Have a great week!  I hope to get on sometime soon to share my barre workouts!  I also have a few local restaurants to share with you :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Me

I am so happy it's a new year - I mean last year was pretty awesome and I have so many great memories, but now my school year is almost halfway over and I am excited for new job opportunities to begin opening up!   I also have some goals (I don't use the word resolution) for the new year.

1. Keep a regular workout schedule:  We just installed a barre/workout area in our basement (I won an gift card from a blog I follow).  We have the workout floor, mirrors and barre up and ready for workouts.  We also moved all of the workout equipment we acquired over the years: hand weights, resistance bands, medicine ball, stability balls, Bosu ball, foam roller, hula hoops, etc.  I am so excited about our new workout area and I even found the "dance music" TV station to keep us motivated!

Oh yea, we have an ab lounger for some reason ;)

2.  Make healthy choices:  I need to stay more disciplined when I go out to eat.  I love food and eating local, but I still need to mainly order salads and free-range meats.  I am beginning the Daniel Fast with my sister and our church next week to kick off the New Year.  We were suppose to begin today, but we didn't have much notice to go grocery shopping to make sure we have enough items to keep us satisfied - no meats, sugars, processed foods, milk, etc.  We need a lot of veggies, fruits, whole wheat, tofu, and nuts/seeds.  Anyway, it's a 21-day fast for the spirit, soul and body and there is a specific item to pray for each day (on top of what you normally pray for).  Which brings me to my next goal:

3.  Get closer to God:  I am looking to develop a closer relationship with God this year.   I am going to start devotions each day and be sure to pray daily - I can always make time for it.  I am also going to regularly attend a CORE group at my church for 20-30 somethings.  I am excited to grow in my faith with a group of like-minded people my age.

4.  Figure out my career:  I am not very happy with my career path.  I strongly dislike my job and it is beginning to effect me personally and emotionally.  A lot of the time I cant even enjoy my weekends because I am already dreading the school week ahead.  I try to stay positive and live for the moment, but my job is just so negative and not for me - it's really hard to ignore it (you can imagine I have enjoyed my Christmas break and these two snow days soooo much!)  So, there are a few avenues I would like to explore - personal trainer, fitness class instructor, sub (pick my days), baker, city ambassador, or something at the art museum or a library.  Hopefully, I figure out what I want to do soon because I cannot deal with what I am dealing with much longer.

5.  To have as much fun as I can - I have an amazing vacation for my birthday booked and I am so excited!  I get to leave this amazing winter weather for a cruise to the Bahamas - a week of sun and beach!  I have a total of 15-17 days either off of school or with no kids and about 95 days left of teaching.  I have a whole summer off (which is definitely needed to recuperate)!  I am also looking to get to Disney, Vegas, or Montreal this year.  I have plans to attend many Pirates games and to spend a week with my Aunt exploring Pittsburgh.  There are so many awesome things to look forward to in Cleveland this year.

Where I will be in two months!  I can feel the sun now :)

6.   Make better financial decisions:  I finished the Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and I learned a lot.  I am looking forward to getting my student loans paid down, my car almost paid off, and to start saving for the future.  I am looking forward to making a budget and sticking with it!

Those are my goals for the year!  They are all easily attainable and sharing them with you will help me remain accountable.  I cannot wait to look back in a month, six months, and even one year from now and see where I am with each of my goals!  How exciting to think I have a whole new year to look forward to and do what makes me happy!  I hope everyone had a great New Years and whether you have goals or not are excited for the year ahead!