Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Free in CLE!

Hi all!

It's been awhile - I just got back from a week long cruise to the Bahamas this past Saturday.  I am still getting back into the groove of things and will be sharing photos and thoughts in a little bit, but I came across a post from Cleveland Magazine that I have to share!

Tomorrow (Thursday, March 19) from noon to 9:00PM, The Sweet Spot will be celebrating the start of Spring by giving everyone who walks into their little shop a free scoop of gelato!  I love free and I love supporting local!  The gelato is made with local milk and organic, natural and local fruit whenever possible :)  What a perfect way to get your Spring started!  There are "normal" flavors and creatively inspired flavors available.  So, treat yourself tomorrow!  I know I will be getting my scoop on after my workout in Lakewood :)

Have an awesome start to your Spring!

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